Frugal Family Co-op ~Southern Middle TN area

This is where you can find info on current and upcoming buys.

A little about the group. I started this group as a way to help others and myself be able to get great buys on lots of items that bought alone can be kind of expensive. We have a monthly cheese and butter order and numerous other buys through out the year. Currently the co-op is free to join.
All of the orders are done via google spread sheets at this time. For the iOS/Ipad users, try downloading the Google Drive app and accessing the spreadsheet through there. Also people using their mobile devices may have issues and need to try using a computer instead.

Payments are typically sent via Pay Pal GIFT or transfer NOT for goods or services as I get charged a fee from paypal. Got a better suggestion? PLEASE let me know!

I am open to suggestions on how to make this a better co-op and also will take suggestions on future buys.

Here is a link to JOIN us on Frugal family: you will need to fill out and submit this form to have access to the buys.


2 thoughts on “Frugal Family Co-op ~Southern Middle TN area

  1. Brandy, I tried to check the azure side of the site with the password you had given in the comment section about frugal family and it did not let me in. Is there a different password for azure?

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