Happy Birthday Blessing

ImageCan’t believe this sweet little girl will be 1 on January  1st. She has brought so many blessings that I am forever grateful for. For people who think you can’t love more than 1 or 2 children you are sadly mistaken. I love number 5 just as much as I love numbers 1-4.


ImageThe joy of seeing the love that her brothers and sisters show her daily makes me have tears of joy. And if the Lord sees fit to bless me with more children I will love them just as much. People often ask me “how I do it” well today I am going to share just a tad of “how” you’ll have to come back to find out more 😉

This is “how” I do it.  I serve an awesome God who is faithful to me even when I’m not faithful to Him.  He has given me a wonderful, kind, and Godly husband to help me thru this life here on earth. His goal is to get me to Heaven and mine is to get him there.  Together our goal is to get our children there.  I have decided to obey God rather than men.  Which means that at times what God has to say on a subject doesn’t always agree with what I want, what I’ve been taught, or what “everyone” else is doing.

 I have wonderful family and friends who surround me.  Who are there to lend a hand thru thick and thin. Who share tears and laughter.  Who aren’t offended when we don’t see eye to eye. Image

I pray that each and everyone can experience the blessings that I have.  For my cup runneth over. And I will always obey God rather than men.  Will you?





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